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What exactly does the 100% bonus mean?

The 100% Bonus Program provided by Mugan Markets is essentially a credit enhancement to your trading account once specific trading volume requirements are fulfilled. It's as simple as trading to earn the bonus. This 100% Bonus is applicable for all deposits exceeding $250, it is accessible across all account types with Mugan Markets and it's instantly credited to your account once you make the deposit.

Why our bonus?

Mugan Markets stands out from other brokers by allowing you to withdraw your investment at any moment, while the Bonus remains in your account and becomes available upon meeting the trading volume requirements.
There are no concealed charges or undisclosed regulations. Just read through the Terms and Conditions to understand how the bonus aligns with your investment objectives. At Mugan Markets, we ensure complete transparency.

Terms and Conditions of the Bonus

The Program is applicable to any standard Trading Accounts specified on the Mugan Markets website under the Accounts Type section that the Client has established with us.
Each Client can apply the Program to a maximum of three Trading Accounts.
Under this Program, the total 100% Bonus that can be accrued is capped at 20,000 USD/EUR for each trading account.

The 100% Bonus Value is determined as $5 USD per round turn lot traded,excluding Cryptos, Commodities, Indices, and Stocks, (equivalent to 100,000 units = 1 standard lot).
Positions that remain open for less than three minutes do not count towards the volume requirement.
Once the total volume requirement has been met, the 100% Bonus can be withdrawn or transferred for trading purposes.

The minimum deposit to qualify for the 100% bonus is $250 per deposit. Deposits under this amount will not be eligible for the bonus.