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The process is once your btc leaves your exchange it can take several confirmation on the blockchain before it arrives at the exchange Mugan Markets uses. That can take up to an hour. Once it arrives, Mugan Markets is notified and the staff can take up to 24 hours to verify & validate your btc transfer then credit it to your account.

It can take up to 24 hours for the Mugan Markets staff to process your withdrawal request providing you have verified your BTC address with our system.  Then the btc that was sent needs several confirmations on the block chain before it would reach your exchange. From that point, you would need to contact your exchange to find out how long it takes for them to process it into your account.

We don’t provide the contact details for PAMM managers. You would have to get with the person who introduced to you the PAMM accounts and ask them for those details.

Yes. We are the people’s FX broker. We have segregated accounts with our liquidity provider where the funds are secured

Banking regulations require us to know your customer (KYC)


The margin requirement for 200 leverage is 0.50% while with 500 leverage this is 0.20%

The less margin is needed the bigger sized trade you can open

A-book is when the broker if forwarding your orders to a financial institution a.e a bank.
B book is when the broker is actually taking the counter party of the trade (aka the broker is trading against you = conflict of interest

As we are constantly updating and adding symbols to our trading environment we suggest to open a demo and have a look

We currently do not have any limits on accounts

When opening a demo account you can select the initial amount you want to fund it with.

Removing or adding money to demo accounts unfortunately is not possible.

You can always close down an open a new demo if needed

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