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IMGfx offers the opportunity for successful traders to promote their own Portfolio Management Services. We have selectively and thoroughly decided to team up with financial experts to work around the clock and optimize both yours and our own investments. 

Portfolio Return Showcase: PT Investments

Portfolio Strategy

The S&P 500 has returned an average of about 10% annually the past 90 years. This proves the stock market is a great place to have your capital. However, this long-term average of 10% over the past 90 years provides a distorted view. In December 2008 the index dropped -21.9% and last March it declined -19.6%. The worst quarter ever was in June 1932 when it crashed to -37.7%. If you are incorrectly positioned in such volatile times generational wealth can be destroyed in a matter of months.

Form a macro view with industry leading tracking algorithms and nowcast models that focus on the rate of change of growth and inflation. With this information you can expect certain sectors to perform well while others perform bad. Being invested in an index fund exposes you equally to all sectors the entire time.

Our objective is to protect the capital and outperform the index by avoiding the “dead money” in the middle and be long the best performing sectors and short the worst performing sectors. This obviously maximises returns over the full investing cycle in times of rising and falling GDP but also limits the downside in an unexpected sell off event. When such a sell off occurs the good sectors will hold their value better than the average allocation while the shorts truly pay off by going down the most.

Having these positions in good times is like an insurance. It will barely cost you any money in comparison to what they pay out when you need them. It is our mission to only short the absolute least performing sectors so they can even make money while the overall market is going up.

As an example of long short positioning so far this year, the utility sector is down -2,01% while the energy sector is up 21.85%. This adds up to a 23,86% return while being protected on both sides. This is hedge fund quality money management brought to the retail investor.

Track Record

In simple terms, the S&P 500 index had a favourable run overall in the period, gaining 33,28%, as you can see on the above images. This will mean that if you have had your investment passively in the index, and of course did not withdraw it at any of the bearish movements on the index, you could have had this positive return on your investment. 

With active portfolio management however, our returns were near triple at 92.4%. We have nearly doubled our invested capital! We have achieved that by having a team of knowledgeable experts, following a professional strategy, working on the portfolio 24/7. 

It is important to note that our effective portfolio management has safeguarded our investment. As you can see our team has managed to use the bear market movements of the index as an opportunity and cashed-in significant portfolio gains.

Presenting PTI’s Director of Portfolio Management, Philippe. 

Philippe has been investing for 6 years and following courses and seminars continuously. He studied (and post the summary of) a book every week and recently completed the Professional Trading, Forex and Options Masterclass by Institute for Trading and Portfolio Management which he passed with honors. Phillippe has being mentored by the former MD of Goldman Sachs who worked on Wallstreet for the firm for 10 years with great successes.

Join us in our successful portfolio management journey. Let's grow our wealth together!

PTI Project Management Team

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